We truly care and provide a continuing relationship with our clients. Our goal is to help them understand and deal with what is occurring in their home, free of charge.


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A Ghostly Point of View

So if you’ve been following this blog… you already know that I’m Jewish. You know that I love ghost hunting. And you know that I try to bring a very rational, and very skeptical mind, to the practice of paranormal investigation. Which is why it might surprise you to learn… that I am also a writer.

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Separation of Church and Investigation

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You are investigating claims of paranormal activity at a private home. Do you say a prayer before you enter? Do you offer a blessing when you leave? Do you call in a medium or psychic?

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It’s very important to note that all information that is provided to us is kept strictly confidential between yourself and our group.  No information will ever be shared to any third party without prior written consent on your part.  We absolutely never divulge real names, or the locations of our private cases.

Your privacy and safety is of paramount importance to us.