K-II meters have become all the rage since the guys from “TAPS” started using them to supposedly communicate with entities. It’s basically an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter and, like all EMF meters, it has its own frequency range. The various sensitivities and differences between EMF meters highlight the importance of “characterizing” all paranormal investigation equipment that will be used. It’s essential to know the frequencies each device will measure, as well as its range. If you “characterize” your equipment - and the equipment of the entire team - prior to investigating, you’ll understand what constitutes a “normal” response and what may be an “anomalous” reading.
Next, the K-II also responds to cell phones, walkie-talkies, and other common frequencies.  Most ghost hunters know better than to investigate with a “live” cell phone. One paranormal investigator was required by her job to carry two cell phones that were “on” at all times. Therefore, any “evidence” she obtained was suspect.  Once, at Fort Mifflin, an investigator inadvertently left his cell phone turned on and in his pocket. He received several hits from the K-II meter and it took a while to figure out the source. He eventually realized that the short spikes he was getting were caused either by his cell phone or by transmissions from incoming and outgoing aircraft. Fort Mifflin is next to Philadelphia International Airport and the traffic is nearly continuous, something that must be considered when evaluating any audio or other evidence obtained at that site.
The K-II can also respond to wireless mics, but it must be in direct proximity to the microphone in order to do so.
But, can an entity communicate by causing the buttons to light up? Well, possibly. There are no definitive answers yet, but – as with so many devices being used for paranormal investigations – research remains ongoing.  R.I.P. and other groups – including TAPS - have experienced several instances in which they seemed to be receiving intelligent responses to questions and even appropriate responses to sidebar conversations amongst the investigators.  The K-II is another arsenal in the ghost hunter’s tool kit, but it is only one of many. The best approach is to use the K-II meter with caution and, most importantly, know and understand your equipment.
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